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IPhone5 listed vouni reappearance of butterflies in glittering Crystal diamond case handed down the beauty
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          On September 12, accompanied by Apple iPhone5 listing new products, famous brand vouni shine launched digital accessories newiphone Crystal diamond case, the reproduction of butterfly beauty of handed down.

Butterflies symbolizing good wishes in Chinese culture, was first told of the Liang Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai become butterflies flying around the room whirling about, "flying dual compound, this heart people don't know. "Is the conception of an aesthetic, butterfly is an eternal proposition, in the fashion and design industry.

Butterflies flying, enduring love, luxury tastes, shining bright. Vouni iPhone5 Crystal diamond case, inlaid Swarovski Crystal butterfly wings, flashing light intake. Show butterflies of stunning beauty, product design incorporating modern technology into the beautiful story, creating digital accessories boutique in the industry.

Newiphone Crystal diamond case

Vouni iPhone5 Crystal diamond case, Germany imported polycarbonate precision production, completely fingerprint-proof, scratch-proof. Extreme thin, precise holes reserved. Leading domestic-by IMD design process, clear rich texture. Ergonomically curved design of corners, grasp the handshake feel more comfortable. Star Ribbon Butterfly case, elegant and noble, generous fashion, personality, and amazing.

Luxury Swarovski crystals, fantasy romance classics

Vouni is Hong Kong high-end digital accessories brand, main to Apple (Apple) products distribution ornaments mainly playing, while and camp SAMSUNG, and HTC, and NOKIA, and Sony Ericsson, and Moto, and charm family, and millet, many brand of 3G phone, and flat computer of protection shell, and skin set, and protection film, and touch controlled pen, and computer package, protection class distribution ornaments and battery, and mobile power, and charger, features sexual accessories. Development, design, production and integration advantages. Always walk in the forefront trends of product design and create digital fashion accessories boutique.

Classical tradition, fashion style

Only great wisdom, brands. Newiphone listing, digital accessories industries will bring new opportunities and challenges for development, vouni grasping the great opportunity of development, remain on the path of digital protection industry-leading, will be quality products, good reputation, for the majority of fruit powder and provide digital quality, fashion, personality, classic digital accessories.

Newiphone series protection Accessories: the thin gold protective shells, flowers in the case yet, 3D bright dorsal shell, the genius series ultra thin leather sleeve, scrub jackets, synchronized listing! Vouni, you look forward to!

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