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CMMB mobile TV and how is it charged?
Autor:yugoo date:2012-8-1 Hits:1485

Commercial operations must use costs, and cost issues are also consumers of most concern.When the true beauty of the CMMB mobile TV is television an addition will not really have been staring into tiny screens to watch, the human eye can't take it anymore, therefore CMMB fees will not be too high.Specific charges of State radio and television had not yet officially announced, now the Shanghai trial operation has begun charging operation, 20 years, 200 Yuan monthly package, the price is a bit high, can also be used as a reference.Believe that radio and TV will be developed according to the specific situations in various parts of the overall costs.Specific fees or do you want to continue to wait, if there is really a people very friendly prices, the CMMB mobile TV will be unstoppable.

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