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After-sales service commitment notes-professional manufacturer of Shenzhen GPS/MID
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Service credentials: a valid warranty card is free after-sales service certificate, the user fill out the warranty card, the purchase should be detailed and confirmed to affix the official seal of the dealer.
Period of free service: the user to replace the new host or accessories after the service period of the original calculation.
* The following are not free after-sales service area of ​​responsibility:
1 products resulting from failure of performance due to floods, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters;
2, because the users themselves improper operation, human behavior lead to performance failure or damage;
3, the user without the certification of the company's expansion unit to lead to performance failure or damage;
4, failure or damage caused by not Instruction manual for the proper use of products or excessive use;
5, the user alter, replace, replace, or destruction of company product identification;
6 users disassembly, alteration or non-authorized service facility for repair of;
7, the user can not provide effective purchase invoice and a valid warranty card or certificate altered / damaged;
8, disputed the cause of the failure detection of Quality Supervision, issued by the department agreed by both parties that prevail cost of testing by the misjudgment side;
* Paid after-sales service: beyond the free service period or do not belong to the free after-sales service within the responsibility of after-sales service, the Company and its authorized service agent at the after-sales service costs will be charged according to the specific circumstances of the specific criteria for the relevant provisions.

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