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Shenzhen GPS navigation map upgrades quick guide
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China electronics fair (CEF)-Chinese e-first exhibitionChina's most authoritative and comprehensive professional electronics show, which began in 1964, is China's oldest electronic industry exhibition.China electronics fair (CEF) together with the Chinese electronics industry growth, she has experienced and witnessed the development process of China electronic industry from the planned economy to a market economy.High degree of international influence.As China's largest electronics fair, China electronics fair (CEF) is Asia electronics exhibition League (AEECC) one of the five members, and the Japan Electronics Show (CEATEC JAPAN), Korea Electronics Show (KES), Taiwan Electronics Show (Taitronics), the Hong Kong Electronics fair (HK Electronics Fair) and known as the five largest electronics fair in Asia.Interaction between members greatly increased the influence of CEF on the internationalHedda Gabler in Shenzhen China Science and technology company limited on April 09, 2009 participated in the 73rd China Shenzhen Electronics Show, through the CEF China electronics fair, contact with approximately 60,000 high quality buyers and sell our products to them.

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